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Life is weird and fun and hard and good.

Photo by: Elizabeth Ervin

Dear blog,

Wow. It's been a long time. Let's catch you up.

I fell in love. (See previous post for our very risky, ten-day first date, including three days alone in the desert. Casual.)

Finished my MFA.

Risked it all and moved to LA.

Became a matchmaker. Found it emotionally draining, but loved the journey.

Then became very depressed in LA.

Kayla made the jump to change careers, so we moved back across the country to Charleston, SC. (A return for me, a new chapter for Kayla!)


I started working as a gardener?

Obvi, that didn't last long, lol.

Got an amazing job at a gallery.

Started kicking ass.

But hey, it's been a real ride... if ya catch my drift. Some weird stuff, some hardship, a lot of laughter, and lot of tears, and hey that's like, life, right?

But I've been working hard in my studio and big changes are finally coming to fruition... very welcomed changes.

And I can't wait to see what comes of it!

All my love,




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