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Dorland, Day 1

Excerpt from my journal:

It's lovely, spectacular.

I spent some time shaking the three hours of Memorial Day traffic out of my bones and moved all the furniture around the cottage to make a studio space that suited my needs.

The wind blew mercilessly all afternoon. And late afternoon quickly turned cold! I am NOT prepared for how cold the evenings could be. Despite the chill, I walked out to "Sunset Point," a bench with a gorgeous view on an outcropping a couple hundred yards from my cottage. The sunset was beautiful.

Unwilling to leave and grocery shop, I decided to eat the probably-expired ramen I found in the pantry for dinner, as well as some canned baked beans and chicken noodle soup left over from camping. What a glamorous first meal here! Haha.

I wonder what I'll make over the next four weeks. I have plans, but I'm out of practice with my drawings and feeling mostly uninspired to make "good," "contemporary" photographs. We'll see.

Finished my evening playing piano and watching How I Met Your Mother. Being isolated is strange and nice.



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