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Sinks and Springs.

I hear so many of my peers criticize that there isn't anything to do in Tallahassee. That kind of boggles my mind. I've lived here a couple months and have found so many lovely places to see. Granted, if you don't like being outdoors or can't take the heat, I can understand why Florida might be your personal hell... But I'm a particularly active individual and a lover of southern summers, so this place has already been wonderful to me.

I will say though, this is the first time in my life that I’ve been landlocked. It’s a very strange feeling. In Seaford, my hometown in Virginia, I was so incredibly fortunate to live on the water. The Chesapeake Bay was a few steps from our backdoor. What a damn privilege. And in Charleston, I could ride my bike to the harbor and get some of the salt air… Or drive a few minutes over to Folly Beach to catch a few waves with my dad. Writing this makes me feel nauseatingly spoiled…

But that being said, being raised a mermaid, I’ve always been naturally drawn to bodies of water and Tallahassee’s distance from the ocean has made me ever so slightly claustrophobic.

So to my delight, I discovered the springs and sinkholes around the Tallahassee area are awesome. And I mean that in every sense of the real word. As in… inspiring awe. And I have found something in them to satisfy my ocean withdrawals. The springs and sinks are crystal clear and surrounded with so much lush foliage and wildlife. The greens and blues are gorgeous. There are alligators and wood ducks and turtles and manatees. It’s really quite incredible.

Thus, my cameras have been tagging along on these excursions. And Sierra, Annie, and Chelsea have been wonderful enough to swim around on several occasions for me. (It’s a hard knock life for my models, y’all.)




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