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Made up of USGS quadrangles, this map installation, is a direct manipulation of the Florida and southern Georgia subtropical zone. In the installation, which is unique each time it is installed in a space, the blues move to green and then into amber, looking nearly like a watercolor painting. The gradient imitates change over time, referencing how humans have altered the land. These found maps were created by the USGS using orthophotography, a process using aerial photographs, and thus reference Saunders' own photographic work. Ironically, orthophotography uses a process of correction to ensure the scale is uniform. Yet, the maps have been torn and manipulated, in a sense reversing the process of correction and making a “wrong” map, or a warped view of the land from above.


Fool's Paradise


USGS orthophotography maps, archival tape

30x7 feet



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